Common Problems Changing your Password

Here is a brief list of common problems experienced while changing your PIN and how to fix them.

» The SSN you entered was not found
If you receive this error message, try to enter your SSN again. If you are sure that the SSN you entered was correct, contact HR to verify that your records are accurate. This error might also occur if you are a new employee and not yet entered into the system.

» You are required to have 3 pieces of information in order to be validated
In order to secure you password, we require that three pieces of information in order to verify your identity. 95%+ of employees have this information available. If you received this message, you do not have the required information available. Contact HR to update your records.

» Invalid Drivers License/Birthday/Home Phone/Direct Deposit Account
First verify that the information you entered is correct. If it is, there is probably an error in your records we have on file for you. Contact HR to update your records.

» password must be between 4 and 20 characters
Verify that the PIN is between 4 and 20 characters.

Still having problems? Contact IT (x7093)